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We buy any house fast for cash regardless of location, condition or value. No fees, free service & REAL CASH!

We pay better prices
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if you have shopped around for a cash buyer give us a try. We pay better prices. It's even in our name! Just complete our form to find out how much we pay!

Registered with the
Property Ombudsmen

the safest way to sell your property is with a company that is officially registered and regulated to buy your home. we are members of TPOS.

Options are available to achieve 100% market value

if our cash offer is not high enough we have other options available to you that could achieve up to 100 per cent of the current market value.

No fees to pay & free valuations for all

every cost inccured during the process of sale is our cost. We don't charge you a penny, even if you pull out. Some companies will try to charge - beware!

'We Buy Any House' In 7 Days!

If you have a house for sale, and you are looking to sell it quickly and for cash; HighCashOffer could help you.

We specialise in fast property sales, and have a reputation of being one of the biggest property buyers in the UK (and Scotland); helping homeowners to sell their property on a daily basis.

We are genuine cash buyers, and can often offer you a much higher price than other property buying companies and a much faster sale than a typical estate agent. We have the cash ready and waiting for you, if you want to sell ... we want to buy!

A Top Price For Your Home In Just Days

Because we advertise extensively across the UK on the internet, we save fortunes on other advertising costs such as newspapers and television. These savings are passed directly onto you, so often we can offer you a much higher price than other property buyers.

We also believe that property prices will go back up - that means we are making higher offers for all properties in all price ranges and in any condition. If you want to sell your property - we want to buy it!

We could even pay up to £30,000 more.

An Instant Online Offer & Sell In Days!

We can make you a genuine offer for your home in under 60 seconds. Just enter your postcode and then click 'quote me now'. Our site will make you an instant cash offer based upon your property valuation. It's simple and quick. So get an offer NOW! Unlike other property buyers, can can offer you a GENUINE TOP CASH PRICE ONLINE.

Whatsmore, we even have options available to get you 100% market value for your property. This is unknown of in the 'quick home selling' market place, and it doesn't involve an 'express' estate agency service that often proves to be not so 'express' when it comes down to it!

Remember, we have genuine cash buyers, we pay MORE and you could sell for cash in as little as 7 days.

It takes less than 20 seconds to do, and its free.

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How We Pay HIGHER CASH OFFERS And Get Up To 100% OF Market Value For A Quick Sale ...

You may have noticed a number of companies online claiming to offer you up to 100 per cent of the market value in exchange for cash. Our ethos is to be up front and honest with you from the start, so that you get the service you deserve from our company. (read about the OFT's recent involvement in the quick sale industry).

No company on the internet will 'pay you' 100 per cent of your properties market value. They are a business, and therefore need to make a profit. Our 100 per cent option differs as we can 'achieve' up to 100 per cent market value on your behalf by advertising on the open market for you. This is not a guaranteed sale, and you will not get cash from us.

If you decide to sell for cash, we genuinely can give you a HIGH CASH OFFER. We pay up to 20 per cent more than rival companies, and our claims are genuine. We can complete on a sale in 7 days, and we can allow you to stay in your property for 1 month after the sale has completed. 100% the best home sale service!

How We Could Help You Sell ...

2 Reviews

"When my marriage broke down it was a very difficult time for me. The finances in our home were all dealt with by my husband. HighCashOffer helped me get a value for my property, and explained to me the options that I had available. We both decided to opt for a cash sale, and we received the cash in 11 days. A great service, no hassle and I would recommend highly if you need them."

6 Reviews

"I needed to sell my house quickly in order to move on to another property. The seller of the property I was buying was threatening to pull out if I didn't proceed quickly. My only option was to sell to a cash buyer. HighCashOffer gave me the price I was asking for and allowed me to stay until I could move into my new home. A+++ superb service.."